Can a chlorine shower head filter by Aquasana prevent psoriasis?

Question: Can a chlorine shower head filter by Aquasana prevent psoriasis?

Answer: Aquasana’s chlorine shower head filter systems, the AQ-4100 and AQ-4105 (comes with wand), can prevent and cure skin conditions like psoriasis in many cases. Psoriasis and other skin conditions such as eczema, dandruff and chronic dryness are directly related to the skin’s moisture content. Chlorine not only deprives skin and hair of their natural oils, but it also causes scaling and bacteria imbalances. Chlorine kills much of the beneficial bacteria that lives on the skin; ordinarily, that bacteria acts as a natural defense against skin disorders. The Aquasana shower head filter systems are unsurpassed in its ability to remove chlorine, filtering out over 70% of the harmful chemical.

Chlorine is a strong oxidant and can cause damage to hair and skin even at very low levels. The reality is that most tap water maintains a residual chlorine level that is actually higher than what is recommended for swimming pools.

When chlorine is removed from shower water, where most of our exposure to the chemical occurs, and we keep our bodies properly hydrated, the natural healing mechanism of our body can work much more effectively. A time-tested solution to help lower the risk of chlorine-related health problems and skin disorders like psoriasis, is to install an Aquasana shower filter. Using a chlorine shower water filter by Aquasana is an ideal solution that can help prevent and cure skin disorders.

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