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Countertop Aquasana Water Filter AQ-4000

The newly designed countertop Aquasana Water Filter became the gold standard when it won 6 straight Consumers Digest “Best Buy” awards. Then in 2010, the flagship AQ-4000 drinking water filter added “Healthiest Product” from Health Magazine to its awards. No other home water filter, at any price, has ever produced better results than Aquasana! For [...]

Try the Aquasana AQ-4501 Premium Under Counter Water Filter for 90 Days!

The Aquasana AQ-4051 Premium Under Sink Water Filter comes with 1 FREE Aquasana Glass Decanter ! The AQ-4051 combines the AQ-4000, under counter installation kit, and a standalone premium faucet. Enjoy the convenience of pure, filtered water with the style of a designer faucet. The faucet is available in 7 beautiful finishes. Instead of attaching [...]

Aquasana AQ-7000 Inline Water Filter

The Aquasana AQ-7000 Inline Water Filter provides filtered water for icemakers, refrigerators, water fountains and coolers. The AQ-7000 is more effective than any other inline water filter on the market! The inline fridge water filter with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) uses a combination of the most effective technologies: sub-micron filtration, adsorption and ion exchange: Sub-Micron [...]

Eight Amazing Reasons to Join Aquasana’s “Water For Life” Auto-ship Program

If you’re reading this you are probably considering joining the Aquasana “Water for Life” Auto-ship program. Almost 70% of Aquasana customers have joined the program. As you’ll see, there’s good reason for that. So, let’s walk through 8 unique advantages the manufacturer offers that you can’t find anywhere else. 1. Simply by enrolling, you automatically [...]

Choosing Between a Water Filtration System and the Weed Killer Atrazine

On August 23, 2009, the New York Times ran this article, “Debating How Much Weed Killer Is Safe in Your Water Glass.” So, how much of the popular weed killer atrazine do you think is safe for adults, pregnant women and children to drink? As you might expect, the experts disagree over how much atrazine is [...]

Filtered Water Remains the Best Way to Flush Out Toxins

  In addition to skin hydration, nutrient absorption and overall health, choosing the best water filter is also important for another reason… toxins. Water is still the best and only way for you to flush toxins out of your body. Since unfiltered tap water is commonly a source of toxins, you need to choose your [...]

Filtered Water Still the Best Cure for Chronic Dehydration Symptoms

  Water is your body’s most essential nutrient. It makes up about 70% of your body mass; is involved in every bodily function, and necessary for healthy organs, tissues and cells. The list of how important water is to your health and happiness could go on and on. Yet, studies have shown that as much [...]

Filtered Drinking Water Still Best Cure for Puffy Eyes

For run-of-the-mill puffy eyes and the dark-colored circles below them, the most effective cure is simple and natural… drink plenty of healthy filtered drinking water. Of course, when it comes to our long-term health, the quality of the water we drink can be more essential than the quantity. We all have awakened at one time [...]