Aquasana Shower Filter

The Aquasana Shower Filter was rated “Best Buy” by Consumer’s Digest magazine for 3 straight years 2006-2008! The patented high capacity AQ-4100 Pure Shower System removes chlorine and other chemicals… for only pennies a day!

Aquasana Shower Filter ShoAQ-4100“It’s Like showering in natural spring water!” Jonathan Antin / Celebrity Hair Stylist, Host of Reality Show “Blow-Out”

The Aquasana Shower Filter is the ideal choice for those with skin or breathing disorders and anyone wishing to enjoy significant health benefits. People suffering from respiratory problems like asthma and skin conditions have experienced surprising improvements with after using the Aquasana Shower Filter.

Softer skin and hair in just one week, guaranteed!

Aquasana Shower Filter

Aquasana Shower Filter Benefits

  • Eliminates over 91% of chlorine from your shower water leaving you with softer hair and skin, as well as significant reduction or elimination of eye irritation…
  • Filters out heavy metals like iron oxide reducing lime build-up, other hard water deposits and soap scum or film, and also helps soaps create better suds and lathering…
  • Leaves in natural trace minerals and enhances pH balance giving you a healthy, refreshing shower experience that feels like your showering in natural spring water…
  • Aquasana Shower Filter replacement cartridges last 10,000 gallons or six months giving you the healthiest shower for the best value…
  • Patented two-stage filtration system filters synthetic and organic chemicals, which reduces breathing disorders such as asthma and can cureand prevent skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema…
  • Unique design of the Aquasana Shower Filter with adjustable pressure shower head maintains shower height and prevents decreased water flow…
  • Installs in minutes and easy to follow instructions means you can be experiencing health and cosmetic benefits of a virtually chemical-free shower in a few days. ..
  • Made in the USA

The Aquasana Shower Filtration System is one of the most unique and beneficial products ever developed. – Dr. Ranya Alexander PhD., M.D.

If you can find a shower filter that outshines the Aquasana AQ-4100, buy it!

This Aquasana Shower Filter video shares more pictures and features of the product:

According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” PhotobucketThe Aquasana Shower Filter eliminates more than 91 percent of chlorine. In addition to earning multiple Best Buy awards, the Aquasana Shower Filter also earned “Product of the Year” from Cosmetology Today magazine.

How the Aquasana Shower Filter Works:

Stage 1:

Removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper and zinc mineral media called KDF. Water passes through granulated copper and zinc creating an electro-chemical reaction that transforms harmful contaminants into harmless particles giving you virtually chlorine free water.

Stage 2:

The second stage of the Aquasana Shower Filter uses a carbonized coconut shell medium for the removal of synthetic chemicals, THMs (Trihalomethane) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals). These harmful chemicals and chlorine vaporize from tap water and when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, may cause adverse health and cosmetic effects.

Anyone who has ever swum in a chlorinated pool knows how chlorine robs moisture from skin and hair, causing excess dryness. What most people don’t realize is that typically there is as much or more chlorine in your tap water as in most swimming pools! Without the harsh influences of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, you‘ll notice significant cosmetic benefits and eliminate health risks related to inhalation and skin absorption.

Filtering the water you shower in is as important or more so than filtering drinking water…” – Dr. Julian Whitaker

The replacement cartridge works for both the AQ-4100 and AQ-4105 Aquasana Shower Filter with Handheld Massager and costs less than $50.00 (with FREE “Water for Life” auto-ship program). The easily replaceable two stage Aquasana Shower Filter cartridge lasts 10,000 gallons or about 6 months.

Aquasana Shower Filter Improves Your Air Quality!

Although most of the water coming out of your shower head goes down the drain, more than half of the chemicals in that water will vaporize . When these chemicals bond with organic compounds in the air, the vapor turns into chloroform gas. Chloroform can cause fatigue and is a strong respiratory irritant. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that most homes in America have a measurable level of chloroform gas in the air due to the vaporization of chemicals from showering. The Aquasana Shower Filter with its two-stage shower filtration process is regarded by many industry experts as the best performing and most inexpensive way to reduce or eliminate chemicals in your shower water, including those that cause chloroform gas.

Is a Shower Filter More Important Than a Water Filter?

Taking a warm or hot shower causes your pores to open up and harmful, even cancer-causing chemicals, can be absorbed or inhaled into your body at a high rate. It comes as a shock to most people to learn that while taking a 10 minute shower your body takes in more chemicals than from drinking one gallon of the same water. When you and your family use an award-winning filtration system like the Aquasana shower filter, you can virtually eliminate the harmful chemicals in your water and prevent many harsh cosmetic and health conditions, ranging from dandruff and dry skin to psoriasis and bladder cancer.

While Aquasana For Life recommends both a water filter and an Aquasana Shower Filter, it’s important to remember that there is strong evidence indicating that shower filtration is more important to your health than a drinking water filter.

Aquasana Shower Filter